Industry Sector

Elastomeric parts play an important role in the industry and correct design and dimensioning is essential.

In this way, it is possible to have gaskets, profiles, etc., that meet very rigorous work requirements such as tightness and resistance to chemical products in membranes or heat exchanger gaskets.

Many of the articles that we manufacture at CAUCHOS PEDRO ROMERO are subject to very high mechanical stresses, requiring the use of materials that are highly resistant to abrasion and wear in some cases, and with a high percentage of maximum elongation in others.


Energy sector

We manufacture a multitude of parts for the energy sector, often using materials under regulations, semiconductors or conductors. We make parts, such as high voltage cable sleeves, protections and other products for other energies such as solar or wind.

Food industry

Your partner in the manufacture of food grade rubber components

We make a large number of parts for the agri-food industry. Many of these pieces are in contact with food, so the mixtures we use are in accordance with current regulations. We can process rubbers and silicones in qualities suitable for contact with food, however, we can manufacture in other less common materials if required. 

Some of these parts are caps or beds of olive stoners, rubber-metal parts, manhole joints, O-rings, quad-rings, rubber plates, etc.


Agricultural sector

In this sector, the manufacture of spare parts and spare parts for the collection of fruit from trees and/or vegetables should be highlighted. In the olive sector we have a large catalog of spare parts for practically all the machines on the market, as well as the parts for the olive shaker vibrators. Also, we are present in other campaigns such as the tomato or potato harvest.

Aeronautic sector

More than 20 years guarantee us as manufacturers of molded parts in rubber and polyurethanes for the aeronautical sector. We also carry out plastisol coatings under aeronautical regulations.

We are qualified suppliers for the leading industries in the sector and we are currently in the process of adapting our quality management system to the requirements of the EN-9100 standard.

We manufacture parts that, once integrated, form part of a great diversity of the aircraft as a whole.

The high degree of demand demanded by the sector makes us continue advancing day by day towards total quality. 


Mining Sector

In recent years part of our efforts have been in the manufacture of parts for mining. These pieces are usually complex due to their large dimensions and the quality of their materials, which usually have great resistance to abrasion, which gives rise to technical rubbers with very good resistance to abrasion in dry and humid environments.

For the manufacture of these parts we have presses of large dimensions and tonnage for vulcanizing them.


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