The management of the company Cauchos Pedro ROMERO, S.L, has as its main mission to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, as well as other interested parties, through an efficient development of our manufacturing processes, always respecting their specifications and requirements. applicable laws and regulations.
To meet our objective, Cauchos Pedro Romero S.L. has implemented a Quality Management System that incorporates compliance with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 9100 standards. This Quality Management system, based on the work of all the personnel of the Organization, leads us to achieve Continuous Improvement in the Quality of our products.
The management of Cauchos Pedro Romero, S.L., undertakes to respect the ethical and labor rights of all personnel, and requests the commitment of all employees of the organization, to the extent that corresponds to them, to develop, perfect and apply the criteria of Quality defined in the documentation while keeping them informed about the aspects of the Quality System that affect them, including, in a special way, the importance of the tasks they carry out within the organization.


Consulting service and realization of your projects

Propose your idea and our team will carry it out. We offer a totally personalized service for the design and elaboration of your order. In addition, an after-sales service that helps us to keep in touch with you, learn about your experience as a customer and improve as much as possible for future orders.


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Pol. Industrial Store, C/Level, P20 and p.25



+34 954 353 783


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