Products / Technologies

Raw Materials

We have a vast catalog of mixtures perfectly adapted to market requirements. From natural rubbers, suitable for parts that require high mechanical capacity, to synthetic rubbers, silicones, polyurethanes, etc. We also process RTV silicone by casting.

Compression Presses

Our lot of compression presses is numerous, ranging from small-sized presses to large-tonnage presses, with the capacity to manufacture pieces of up to 2m. long. Both Rubber and RTV silicone by casting.


In addition to our compression machines, we have injection presses to achieve greater manufacturing capacity. It is a widely used process when maximum production capacity is required.

Die Cut

Another manufacturing process widely used in the rubber sector is stamping. We obtain the finished piece by using a cutting die machinery. This process is useful on flat parts, such as gaskets, both round and square.

Machining Workshop

Since our beginnings we have a machining workshop at the service of our manufacturing processes. We have modern machining machinery to make moulds, dies and other tools at affordable costs for our customers. Prototyping is one of our specialties.

Welding Shop

The high demand for rubber-metal parts has meant that in recent times the welding work is carried out internally, achieving low costs that allow us to have more competitive prices.

Polyurethane Construction

A branch of our company is the manufacture of elastomeric polyurethane parts by casting. This product is widely used in rollers, wheels, gaskets and other important applications where abrasion resistance is essential.

DIP Plastisol Coatings and Moldings

Manufacture by immersion of parts in plastisol. Coatings and molded parts for busbars and other electrical applications.


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